Customer Support Specialist to TRINE // Gothenburg

Customer Support Specialist to TRINE // Gothenburg

Customer Support Specialist to TRINE // Gothenburg

Customer Support Specialist to TRINE // Gothenburg

Publicerat: 2018-09-13
Ort: Göteborg
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There are over a billion people who live without electricity. At TRINE we chose to do something about it. By making it easy for people to invest in solar energy in emerging markets, we will provide millions of people with electricity and give our investors a social, environmental and financial return. We started out in 2015 with the philosophy that ”People, Planet and Profit” belong together. We wanted to unite the social perspective with the economic and environmental. It’s when these three interact we get results. Sustainable results. And now we need you! Together with Oddwork, we’re looking for a Customer Support Specialist who loves to help people and solve problems. Is that you? 

About the job as a Customer Support Specialist
Do you want to wake up every morning knowing you’re making a social and environmental impact? That you’re influencing the solar revolution? The vibrant and diverse squad at TRINE in Gothenburg are not only electrifying the Kenyan countryside with crowdfunded solar power, they’re waiting for you. As the new Customer Support Specialist, you’ll become the fresh voice of TRINE – the first point of contact for their investors. Your high levels of energy and curiosity come in handy when you transform customer feedback into strategic insights, helpful actions and product development. With a knack for providing excellent customer service, you track, follow up and resolve customer issues by providing TRINEified answers to the investors’ requests. To put it differently: you inhale customer feedback and exhale an outstanding customer experience. You know that first impressions are only made once, and you’re determined to make them nothing but remarkable.  

We think you… 
… thrive in an ever-changing environment! You have an eye for details and your both sincere and passionate way of carrying through tasks makes you an appreciated colleague. With your superb social skills, you’re natural communicator who’s able to use different styles as well as tones depending upon the situation at hand. In other words: you know exactly how to add the perfect dynamics to build winning relationships! If you’re willing to join a Snickers addict, corporate runaway and a Greek energy pill (have a look HERE), then TRINE will be your perfect fit. 

Our four wishes:

What TRINE offers you
This job offers a unique opportunity for you to become part of a bunch of passionate and sharp Solar Revolutionists, strongly driven by the vision of a world where everyone has access to clean energy! As a financial service, TRINE creates a value that goes well beyond a return: with incredibly high social impact and significant environmental benefits, they change the world for the better – one investment at a time. Want to get an insight into their world and get to know your (potential) future colleagues? Check in and check out here. 

START: Right away
LOCATION: Gothenburg
JOB HOURS: Full-time
CONTACT: Talent Manager Daniella Ravan,  (for questions regarding the position, not applications) 

Do you want to be a part of the TRINE squad? Brilliant, apply today and step into the fall with this colourful gang of game changers! 
Hire personality. Train skill. And be awesome at your employer branding. We believe the world will be a better place if people get to do what they are passionate about. Oddwork is here to make it possible! As a recruitment and employer branding company, Oddwork matches talent with the next career adventure while helping companies to create stronger corporate cultures and communicate the adventures and opportunities that exist in their worlds. We know it’s when the right talent and right company meet that magic gets the opportunity to be created! Curious and want to know more? Step in to the world of Oddwork by clicking here!

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