Linux System Administrator for Mullvad VPN // Gothenburg

Linux System Administrator for Mullvad VPN // Gothenburg

Publicerat: 2020-03-16
Ort: Göteborg
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We believe that privacy is fundamental to a well-functioning society where norms, ethics, and laws can safely be discussed and challenged. That same society cannot flourish and develop – nor can it exist – without privacy. This is why we provide a VPN service: because privacy is paramount, and apparently, not only to us. The Mullvad VPN community is fast growing, and so are we. Now, we have joined forces with Oddwork to search for an experienced Linux System Administrator with good technical knowledge. Perhaps you share our big life goal: to make internet censorship and mass surveillance ineffective. Welcome home then!

As a Linux System Administrator:
Welcome to a small, cohesive team working together to improve existing services as well as develop new ones. Here you will be using your networking skills, related to Linux and desktop platforms, but also routers and switches. You’re self-sufficient and able to multitask well. As our third layered onion, in other words our Linux System Administrator, you’re the most qualified individual – understand the cause and fix the issue. You will install servers, monitor network connectivity and utilization, issue performance tests and help troubleshoot server issues. You will also help support our users and staff with a wide range of issues.

We are looking for you…
… who’s driven by the cause and have a huge passion for transparency and security. You’re a problem solver who knows that trust is a fragile thing: difficult to build, easy to lose. You like to plan and schedule your own tasks in line with relevant processes. Furthermore, you are comfortable using the right tools for the job and open to mastering new skills when necessary. It is with your communication and computer skills you will be successful in this dual role.

Our four wishes:

Why Mullvad VPN?
Privacy and freedom. As we breathe for the universal right to privacy, you will breathe that very same air onsite at our office in Gothenburg. We offer opportunities for growth along with company-initiated opportunities to attend various national and international conferences. In addition, we’ll pay for any reading material you feel contributes to your professional development. But what we really offer – how we say hi in the morning, how long it takes to brew a fresh pot of coffee, and what we think best accompanies sparkling wine – all these answers you’ll have to find out for yourself. And we can’t wait for you to make those discoveries!

So, where do we try to liberate the world from? From our new, fresh, crisp (call it what you want!) facilities in the absolute center of Gothenburg.

START: Right away
LOCATION: Gothenburg, Sweden
JOB HOURS: Full-time, permanent
CONTACT: Talent Manager Ellinor Hellberg, (only for questions regarding the position, not for submitting applications)

Mullvad VPN is a fast growing (+10% in October), value-based, profitable company with remote employees all over the world. 68 % developers, 25 % operations/support and 6 % overhead. This is a permanent full-time position which we hope to fill as soon as possible, so don’t wait too long to apply.

We at Oddwork believe that the world would become a better place if everyone followed their dreams. That’s why we started our orange revolution – to empower talents and companies to Dare to Dream. As a recruitment and employer branding company, we challenge expectations and match talents with their next career adventure while helping organizations create stronger corporate cultures 7 days a week – 365 days a year. We know for sure that when the right personality and the right culture meet, magic happens! Curious and want to know more? Step into the world of Oddwork and check out our website!

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