Master of Sales at Forza Football // Gothenburg

Master of Sales at Forza Football // Gothenburg

Publicerat: 2019-02-01
Ort: Gothenburg
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We´re a multicultural team of 50 dedicated to building high quality mobile apps for football fans all over the world. In our award-winning open office environment in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden, we challenge the industry daily. Our motto is “a healthy team equals a healthy company”. We are in this game for the long run and will exist for the next 100 years. With your help, we will be able to reach our goal of 300 million users and deliver scores for every single match in the world to every fan in the world. Together we can make the world of football a better place and available for everyone. Want to join our team? 

About the position as Master of Sales 
We´re looking for you who believe great leadership should be based upon being a strong role model, setting goals, and building skills in order to foster the career paths of the people in your team. As the Master of Sales we expect you to spend 50% of your time delivering million dollar deals and 50% giving feedback to the sales team to make them better at selling. As a person experienced in sales and with a proven track record of leading sales teams you probably already have an idea of how to do this, right? We believe you are super keen to create a culture of success where ongoing business and goal achievements is both fun and motivating for your team. The sky is the limit, when you get to decide (and you always do!). Your way of developing and managing the team is based on reaching the full potential of every staff member. You know the effect of incentive programs that drives the team to accomplish their sales targets, and you have creative ideas of what they might be. Is this what you also had in mind? Awesome! 

We are looking for you…
… who is great in sales because you have failed, overcame difficulties and learned from mistakes. You understand the power of the “let´s meet for a quick coffee”- type of meetings and strongly believe in making that last call on a Friday at 5. You get a kick out of experiencing your team members succeed on their own and you are obsessed with making everything trackable – that’s the only way to get better! Whether you are at our office in Gothenburg or visiting one of our clients in Europe, there´s a buzz around you and you are the natural “go-to” person for sales. Your experience from turning companies around by delivering amazing results with a proven methodology and passion for sales have shaped you into a strong-minded person with big believes in the power of change. 

Our wishes:

What Forza Football offers you

Forza Football is bootstrapped and profitable, which means no interference from investors. We have full control over our company and products, and we only build things we are proud of. We keep things simple, we have no middle managers and we void lengthy company policies and bureaucracy. All the employees become shareholders after 12 months. We do not hire solely based on experience or university degrees. Rather, we want to hire people who are smart, passionate and self-driven and can learn and adapt quickly to change. We are an equal opportunity employer and are excited to expand our team with diverse talents from different backgrounds and cultures. 

Want to have Friday beers and breakfast every day with us? Keen to spend time at a workplace with a smallish football pitch and flexible working hours? Apply right away, we’re processing applications as soon as they arrive. We look forward to hearing from you! 

: Right away
LOCATION: Gothenburg, Sweden
JOB HOURS: Full-time
CONTACT: Talent Manager Jesper Steenberg (for questions regarding the position, not applications) 

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