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What you can expect from SMR in collaboration with Oddwork

Results from Social Media Recruitment (SMR)

Social Media Recruitment (SMR) will create great impact and results in relation to increased inflows of relevant candidates to AstraZeneca’s open positions, as well as stronger employer brand awareness among relevant target groups. This is due to every published recruitment campaign reaching thousands (or tens of thousands) of people within AstraZeneca’s relevant target groups.

SMR in collaboration with Oddwork will generate, on average, the following results in every recruitment campaign*:

1. Twice (+100 %) as many interested candidates clicking into your job post and open position

2. These interested candidates will stay +40 % longer on your job post, as a result of greater interest in the open position due to the structured targeting working in the background of every published social media recruitment campaign

3. More candidates applying to your open positions, depending on the position you are recruiting to

4. Stronger employer brand and brand awareness among relevant target groups, as a result of thousands or tens of thousands of people within relevant target groups being reached by your brand in every published social media recruitment campaign

Please read on to see how SMR works, step by step.

  • *Statistics based on all open positions Oddwork has recruited to or has activated social media recruitment campaigns on from January to December 2018

Reach your talents with the latest technology in social media

About Social Media Recruitment (SMR)

We live on a talent market where the use of social media to gather information on potential employers has never been stronger. 83 % of the Swedish population is active on social media today (IIS, Svenskarna och Internet 2018). 76 % of Swedes are active on Facebook. 60 % on Instagram. 63 % are active on social media on a daily basis. And the numbers are growing. To reach the talents you are looking for, just publishing an open position on your career site and conventional job post platforms is no longer enough – as you will only reach a limited number of actively job searching candidates. To reach those who are also passively looking for their next career opportunity (and those who already have a job today but are interested in the next step) you have to communicate via social media to take the career opportunities directly to them.

With Social Media Recruitment (SMR) Oddwork’s copywriters and digital specialist teams will help you reach both active and passive talents within AstraZeneca’s relevant target groups through the latest technology in social media. At the same time, building your employer brand and brand awareness even stronger. Oddwork operates SMR on a national and global level for brands such as Volvo Group, KPMG and Adecco.

This is how effective it is...Step 1/5

You are recruiting your next talent to AstraZeneca!

As you launch a recruitment process to find your next talent, you contact your Talent Aquisition Partner who will place an order on a Social Media Recruitment (SMR) for your open position with Oddwork. Your team at Oddwork will ask your Talent Aquisition Partner for relevant information on the open position and prepare your copywriting and digital specialist teams. They are the ones who will be in charge of creating, targeting and publishing your social media recruitment campaign in AstraZeneca’s social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn). In the next step, your copywriters will create your social media recruitment campaign. Click on the button to the right to get there.

Step 2/5

Copywriters create your social media recruitment campaign

Oddwork’s copywriters are experts on making both company and open position come to life in the best possible way in social media recruitment campaigns. That’s what happens when you are given the opportunity to write and create hundreds of job posts and social media recruitment campaigns for all sorts of exciting positions and companies every year. Your copywriting team at Oddwork will create your recruitment campaign (text + picture/video) in alignment with AstraZeneca’s brand, company culture, the open position in question and of course – best practice based on all of Oddwork’s constantly growing data on successful social media recruitment campaigns. When your social media recruitment campaign is ready, it will be sent to you for approval. In the next step, your digital specialists step in. Click on to get there.

Step 3/5

Digital specialists will target and optimize your campaign

Social media gives us the opportunity to communicate your social media recruitment campaigns toward highly relevant target groups in a deeply targeted and effective manner. This is our digital specialists’ expertise. Based on the open position you are recruiting for, they will identify specific candidate target groups in social media for your specific open position and recruitment campaign. They will also prepare Oddwork’s intelligent AI-algoritms that will be activated on your social media recruitment campaign as soon as we publish the campaign – which is the next step. Click on to get there.

Step 4/5

Campaign is published! Candidates apply

Your campaign is approved and your target groups ready. Your social media recruitment campaign is now published in all AstraZeneca’s relevant social media channels toward relevant target groups on Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn. Relevant candidates will experience your recruitment campaign and brand right in their news feeds – where they easily click in to apply at AstraZeneca Careers. As soon as the recruitment campaign has been published, digital specialists will active Oddwork’s intelligent AI-algorithms on your campaign, guaranteeing the best possible result, day and night, during the campaign’s publication period.

Step 5/5

Results & Performance Report

Everything that happens in and around your social media recruitment campaign is being monitored and followed by your team at Oddwork to guarantee the best possible results – every time. When the recruitment campaign has reached it’s finish line, a Performance Report will be created and delivered to your Talent Aquisition Partner. In this report all results created from your recruitment campaign will be shown in a transparent and educational way. Here you will see everything from how many people have been reached by your campaign to the number of link clicks that have been made by candidates into your open position at AstraZeneca Careers. Of course, we are always here if you have any further questions. We see it as one of our missions to educate our partners in social media.

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How AstraZeneca attracted 16 new candidates with Social Media Recruitment

Case study SMR: Computational Chemistry and Machine Learning Scientist to Gothenburg

At the start of February 2019 AstraZeneca was about to recruit a Senior Scientist with expertise in Computational Chemistry and Machine Learning, to join the Medicinal Chemistry Department within the Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism (CVRM) therapeutic area. The position was placed at AstraZenecas vibrant R&D site in  Gothenburg, Sweden.

Talent Aquisition Partner Ulrica Marklund was in charge of the recruitment process and decided to activate Social Media Recruitment (SMR) on the open position – together with AstraZenecas’s new social media partner Oddwork.

AstraZeneca’s team at Oddwork created a recruitment campaign on LinkedIn that was targeted towards relevant candidates, active in interest groups focusing on related topics such as ”CSSC – Computational Science & Scientific Computing”, ”SOSCIP: Smart Computing for Innovation” and ”AI for Drug Discovery”. The campaign was optimized to be shown to target groups in relevant locations such as Switzerland, United States, Sweden and Germany. 

As the campaign was published in AstraZeneca’s social media channels (please see the campaign to the left) it quickly gained momentum and interest from interested candidates. After two days it had already reached 1 360 impressions in relevant candidates’ newsfeeds, resulting in 70 link clicks into the job post on AstraZeneca Careers and 5 applications.

But the campaign was up and running for another week and as it reached it’s finish line the following results could be concluded:

4937 impressions of the recruitment campaign in relevant candidates’ LinkedIn newsfeeds

242 link clicks into the open position on AstraZeneca Careers

16 applications 

Using the latest technology in social media, AstraZeneca managed to attract relevant candidates to the open position – building an even stronger employer brand toward relevant target groups in the field of Computational Chemistry and Machine Learning at the same time.

Build a stronger employer brand and reach the right talents using social media

To learn more about SMR

AstraZeneca has a partnership with Oddwork to attract more candidates to open positions and to build an even stronger employer brand with SMR. If you want to learn more about SMR, please contact your Talent Aquisition Partner or get in touch with Oddwork directly.

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